Bradley Fletcher Join New England Patriots as he Struggles to Revive his Career

Bradley Fletcher, a former Philadelphia cornerback will be joining the New England Patriots. Fletcher struggled the year before with the eagles but the Patriots are determined to take a more strategic look at his ability to play and hopefully revive his slouching career.

Adam Caplan, a source for ESPN informed them that Fletcher’s contract with New England was valued at $2.5 million dollars. The source also said he would be given a chance to contend for a starting role.

In the beginning, Fletcher made great strides. He was leading the team with 26 pass deflections and returned Cam Newton’s interceptions and made 34 yards for a touch-down during the Eagles’ decimating win over Carolina. The Eagles and Fletcher both went downhill after that stunning game. The Dallas Cowboys receiver DezByrant shocked the Eagles when he let three touchdowns get through. Fletcher had a two-year contract signed with the Eagles on 2013 offseason.

The Eagles would later sign previous cornerback Byron Maxwell from the Seahawks andWalter Thurmond who was a previous corner for the giants. This gave Fletcher the opportunity to sign somewhere else.

The Eagles cut Cary Williams who went on to sign with Seattle. There is a lot of switching and changing. How will this influence the seasons? Are these teams making decisions that denounce them as a lost cause? We will all be watching to find out!


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