Why Cristiano Ronaldo is Probably the Pinnacle of Athletic Ability

He's often considered to be the greatest soccer player of our times, and while that opinion is often split between him and Lionel Messi, few people really argue over their athletic prowess. Ronaldo is a monster of a specimen when it comes to physical abilities. Here are some of his key physical strengths:

He mesmerized the world with his dazzling speed with the ball at his feet, and astonishing changes of direction when he debuted for Manchester United back in 2003. And he's upped it a few notches ever since. Teammates speak of him spending hours in the gym obsessively working on strengthening his legs, and the results speak for themselves.

Strength and power
The transformation Ronaldo underwent over his years at United is quite remarkable, bulking up from a skinny, wiry teenager to a hulking, intimidating presence within 2-3 years. His well-developed torso gives him the strength to hold the ball off opponents. He's also worked extremely hard on his legs, giving him extraordinary aerial ability with his jumps and the power that gives his shots their trademark dip and swerve.     

Stamina and fitness
Ronaldo's great stamina enables him to maintain his speed and strength of play right through to the dying minutes of games, giving him a great edge over tired defenses. He's also one of the more remarkably fit players playing these days, remaining injury-free virtually for entire seasons.  

Although he's already 30, Ronaldo's prowess hasn't started waning in the least despite the intensity of his play. His records seem to better year-on-year almost at an exponential rate, and the fact that he continues to vie for the crown of the world's best is testament to his athleticism. 



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