3 Effective Ways to Gain Weight

Gaining good, lean weight can be quite tricky for some people. For people who generally tend to be skinny, it can be especially hard, considering their bodies tend to burn calories faster than usual. Others may simply put on excess flab, if they’re not careful how they approach it. If you identify with any of this, read the following tips on gaining good weight quickly and in a healthy manner. 

Eat the right kind of food
To gain weight, you obviously need to increase your intake of food. However, merely doubling down on food indiscriminately may lead to more harm than good. The key is to focus on high calorie food, like nuts, whole grains and lean red meat.   

Remember to eat before and after exercising
You can’t skimp on exercising if you’re looking to gain weight properly. And it’s especially crucial that you eat before and after your workout. Not eating before you exercise is like running on empty, where your body burns existing muscle mass to compensate for the lack of nutrition. Eating after your workout is crucial to help your body repair itself first and then build up on its exertion.

Monitor the changes in your weight carefully
This is more important than it seems, as it’s easy to lose track of the increase in your weight and overshoot your goal. You would also know if something is wrong, where you’re not gaining as much weight as you should be. 

Following these simple, crucial steps would help gain weight healthily and smoothly, without damaging your body.



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