All You Need To Know About Gaining Muscle & Losing Weight

If you are to search how to lose weight as well as gain muscles, then you will realize that there are tons of articles to choose from which tell you how to do just that. However, most of these articles tend to tell you lies and in this article I will be sharing with you why this is so as well as direct you on the right way of accomplishing your gym or exercising goals. 

Ignore Models and Bodybuilders
If you are looking at gaining muscles, then you should avoid copying what bodybuilders do because they usually don’t leave a normal lifestyle. Basically what they do is wake up eat go to the gym and prepare for competition while you on the other hand have to go to work and take care of your family thus following what their diet or even exercise techniques will probably won’t work out for you. The same applies for those who are looking at losing weight and thus start copying models  One thing that you probably might not be aware of is the fact that this models are usually airbrushed and photo shopped when they cover magazines. 

Losing Weight vs. Gaining Muscles 
The main difference between gaining and losing weight is that with gaining weight you need a surplus of calories while when losing you need a calories deficit. Doing this at the same time is practically impossible. If your goal is to achieve both this two then you should consider alternating between leaning out and bulking up. Pick a plan that will work out for you. For best results I would suggest you do three months of bulking then followed by three months of losing weight. 





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