How to Regulate Breathing While Running?

If you want to be able to run longer distances, then you will need to find a way to not run out of breath. We all know how running has incredible effects on our health and overall fitness levels. However, if you have breathing problem then you will not be able to keep up with your running streak for a long time. Since you know that running can help you kill the fat and cholesterol in the body and make your heart stronger, you will want to find a way to regulate your breaths while you are on the track. Here are some ways.

The first question is – what is the right way to breathe? Well, a lot of people are used to breathe using their chest. You will be surprised to know that good breathing practice does not involve the movement of the chest but the belly. To know whether you are breathing properly or not, observe yourself carefully. If your belly is getting deflated and inflated while breathing, you are indeed breathing properly.

Avoid short breaths and start taking longer breaths. While you are running your body needs more oxygen. When you are taking short breaths the body does not get the supply of oxygen it needs. This may even result in muscle cramps and early fatigue. If you are breathing properly, there will be ample oxygen supply and hence your endurance level will also increase.

Breathe through your mouth instead of nostrils while running. Since your mouth is broader than your nostrils you will be able to inhale more oxygen.



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